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Before using the bnsf Tye Mobility ap here are some important things you must know, We have arranged it in Question and Answer Format.

bnsf tye mobility

 Q. What is the TYE Mobile Connection?

A. It is a mobile enabled website through which you can easily access to common TYE transactions and for this you don’t have to login to the mainframe session on computer or dial into the IVRS

Q. Is it replacement of any of my current TYE tools or system?

A. No. This is not a replacement of  the TSS’s mainframe version. The mainframe will still be used for the research and submitting  bid sheets such as  engineer bids, vacation bids, and standing bids.

Q. Is it safe to use this  Mobile Connection for the device?

A. Yes. This is a official BNSF website and it is specially built and approved website. You can login to this site by using your same employee ID and password as used to access mainframe or

Q. Will it transfer any information on or off the smart phone?

A. No. This is actually a mobile enabled website. You don’t have to download any specific app on your phone and it do not have any ability to access files on your smartphone to take off your information without permission.

Q. Can employees use it while on duty?

A. No. its not allowed an when there is duty time their duty information will be shown but they won’t see the options on the menu. They are only visible on off duty time or call time and on duty time.

Q. What will I be able to do on the application?

A. Since December 2013 TYE employees are be able to use this app site  site for the following activities:

• Train Call Acceptance

• Notification Acceptance

• Contacts o Review / Update Phone Information

• Review / Update Push Addresses and Profile

• Movement o Layoff and Mark-Up

In 2014 some new functionalities are added to this mobile site which will include:

• Movement o Assignment

• Compensation Systems o Earned / Taken Info

• 816 Payment Recap

• ICP o Backpay / Regross

• Training and Certification

Q. What are the mobile operating systems on which it will work? 

A. This is the website and there is no restriction of the operating system on it. It is usable and accessible for any web-enabled device including smart-phones, tablets, and home computers.

Q. Can Mechanical or Engineering employees use this?

A. No. this tool is for  TYE employees only. Mechanical or Engineering employees are not able to use this at the moment.

Q. Is it possible that we make Mobile Connection into an app type by bookmarking the icon to launch it?

A. Yes. There is option after login to that  provides instructions on how to both bookmark and create an icon on your phone to launch the site.

Q. Where to Login on Tye Mobility App?

a. Click HERE or on the Form below to go to login page.

bnsf tye mobility employee login

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